Change Desktop Environments on Linux

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Change Desktop Environments on Linux Let’s go over what it takes to switch your desktop on Linux change it from KDE, GNOME, …

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    I was wanting to use Linux mint Debian edition but it is only available with the cinnamon desktop. I think using mate would be okay but I wasn’t wanting to use cinnamon. I am going to try installing Linux mint Debian edition, and then install mate and then remove cinnamon.. here’s praying everything goes well πŸ™πŸ½

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    As someone who has broken a few DE’s and distros by changing the default DE from a distro, it is VITAL to know you may break your distro trying to delete various applications, including utilities.
    Applications which may be optional in pure “vanilla” Debian or Arch may be required by your favorite distro, and trying to delete them will end in tears, broken dependencies, and disappointment.
    In addition doing more than one DE at a time can lead to excessive memory or processor use, menu items that won’t work from the menu, and a menu list a block long as elements of both DE show up.
    Some distros offer other DEs from their official repositories, but may not offer the full DE. This is also a headache if you are used to certain desktop or menu applications or features in your taskbar or system tray (or their Linux equivalent), and having to figure out what packages you need to install to get the full DE.

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    This was a very helpful video. I’ve been wanting to stick with MX because it’s been great for me, but wanted to try different DEs because I think XCFE looks and feels clunky and dated. I’ve been full-time on Linux for 6 months but six months ago had to get work done. Didn’t have time to figure out the ‘you can screw your whole system over’ stuff that several people warned me about.

    This video did a great job of explaining it all so I’m not afraid to play with it. πŸ™‚

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    So- Debian 12 comes PLAIN or with ONE DE already installed– I downloaded and use KDE– which is what I’d put on it anyway– so that’s fine- RIGHT? NOW any changes are to my look and feel only– NOT the system.

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    ARCH is a CROCK— why spend all that time BUILDIng what you want- and getting it just right- to only have one of the EVER 5 MINUTE updates or upgrades come along and F..k it UP– so you have to spend a bunch of time FIXING what it messed up– and then 5 minutes later AGAIN…. that’s BS- when NO ONE needs “latest and greatest” up to the minute crap— we went along for many years with NOTHING but paper and pen– now so many think they have to UPGRADE every 5 mintues—- pure BS and IDIOCY on theri part.. (especially these moronic keybanging command line bald guys that think they’re special– no names but the initials are DT)…

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    So far I’ve done it and it’s WORKED— but it’s good to learn the PROPER way to do it– and I finally AGREE with you– it’s NOT the distro at all… so i stick with DEBIAN– just installed Debian 12- LOVE IT.. (Sparky is my go to- but it’s almost PURE debian with kde on it– although it’s fixed so it supports 23 DE) πŸ™‚

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    i’m using manjaro, so arch, with i3, i’ve got 3 monitors and as such a script or two that runs at launch to keep things the way they should be, a program i want to use as an add on to a game has only been developed for MATE, my question to you is, would it be possible to hot swap between i3 and MATE?

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    I just found out recently changing DE’s and distro hopping is not the same. I installed KDE on top of Zorin Gnome (for one month), then i installed Manjaro with KDE. The settings in the settings menu in Manjaro is much more detailed. You can configure things in more detail.

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    After distribution hopping for several yeasts going back to 2000, I have rotated though every distribution including pure Linux distribution including both mandravia , Fedora, Centos and RHEL. Just recently I got sick of the constantly distribution hopping so I returned to RHEL purely because I can get self directed support for just-north of $200 dollars US but for that price I feel that I got a great deal on a rock-solid enterprise distribution.

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